Grants & Awards


Exceptional Circumstances Award

The GWC Exceptional Circumstances Awards given are for women seeking to enter, continue or complete part- or full-time tertiary study at University of Canterbury, Lincoln University or Ara Institute of Canterbury, and who face significant financial barriers due to personal circumstances.

Past wards have been offered to students who faced financial challenges due to relationship changes, the need for child or elder care, the lack of family support, cultural obligations, illness and disability.

Exceptional Circumstances Awards are not normally given where none of the above factors apply.

Candidates may submit an application at any time.

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GWC Travel Awards

The GWC Travel Awards are for female postgraduate students enrolled full-time at the University of Canterbury or Lincoln University.

The awards contribute to the cost of travel, accommodation or registration for applicants who are travelling to a conference to present a paper or poster based on their original research, or for other research activities.

Awards are usually $500 for travel in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific, or $1000 for elsewhere in the world. Applications must be received at least six weeks prior to travel.

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Hardship Awards

Each year GWC provides grants to Lincoln University and University of Canterbury for any student enrolled at these tertiary institutions who are suffering financially in some way to help pursue their intended course of study and relieve some financial burden in order to do so.

Please contact your institute’s student support centre.

New Horizons for Women

GWC donates to the New Horizons for Women which is a national charitable trust providing grants for women in New Zealand. The trust supports education, innovation and research that benefits women developing their potential and creating a new horizon for them with a nation-wide Awards Programme.

Please see New Horizons for Women for more information.

GWC Prizes

Each year GWC donates prizes to Lincoln University and University of Canterbury in the following departments/or and academic programmes. Each head of department nominates their preferred candidate annually.

Lincoln University

The Viticulture and Oenology Prize ($500).

University of Canterbury

The History and English Prizes ($2000).

The Doris Le Roi Prize ($500).

A bequest made from a past branch member, Nena Brown, on behalf and in memory of her sister, Doris. Doris Le Roi was a university graduate with a lifelong interest in botany and horticulture who wrote articles for a number of farming publications. This prize is administered by the School of Biological Sciences.

The Helen Wily Prize ($500).

Helen Wily was a long serving member of the New Zealand Federation in University who was a leader in mathematics and statistics education in Christchurch. This prize is administered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Science and Technology Fairs

GWC support science and technology in schools though the Canterbury Science and Technology Fair with award prizes ($240).